Greenland’s Ice Melts Faster Than Expected: Here Are Recommended Ways To Help Save Mother Nature

Climate Change caused Greenland's to melt faster

A new study published in the  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences discovered that Southwest Greenland’s  ice melts faster than expected. Consequently,There wil be a quicker sea level rise because of  global warming.

Previously, scientists were concerned with the threat posed by Greenland’s southeast and northwest regions because when the temperatures warm up, it‘s glaciers break off into big icebergs which float and melt into the Atlantic Ocean. But they were surprised to found out that most significant ice loss from early 2003 to mid-2013 was from Greenland’s southwest region which doesn’t have glaciers. And that Southwest region which doesn’t pose any threat earlier will most likely be the primary concern.

Michael Bevis, the main author of the study, It must be that the ice melted inland from the coastline. He and his team believed that this is mainly caused by global warming. The results of the study would largely affect coastal US communities such as New York and island countries who might disappear when sea levels rise.

Belvis said that it’s too late and we cannot do anything to stop this phenomenon. What we can only do is to adjust and lessen further global warming.

We, humans have been abusing Mother Nature for too long. Greenland’s ice melting faster than expected is just the tip of the iceberg, of the the worst problems we might face in the future if we will not mend our ways. We need to wake up , make an individual decision to change and  work together as a team. Climate’s greatest enemy is carbon dioxide,which is released in the atmosphere when oil, coal and fossil fuels are burned to power up our appliances, vehicles and smartphones. We need to lessen our habits of using those things, so we can lessen our contribution to climate change.

There a lot of easy things we can do to help Mother Nature heal. Some of which include investing in energy-efficient appliances, reducing water waste and unplugging not frequently used gadgets.

Be a green ranger and do your part, no matter how small or inconsequential it may seem to be. After all, small changes eventually add up to big results.

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