Japan Test Drives Its Driverless Bus In Preparation For The Upcoming Olympics

In preparation for the upcoming Olympics, Japan revealed its driverless bus for easy mode of transport
Japan's Buses in Tokyo. Photo By: LWYang/

Following Japan’s success in domestic market, another breakthrough in the fields of technology happened just recently when it announces that a driverless bus will be up for an open test drive demonstration in Haneda International Airport.

The experiment lasted for 10 days and was then available for public viewing last January 22, attended by officials belonging from six Japanese firms including All Nippon Airways (ANA), an airline company which spearheaded the project. As an automated vehicle, it can carry up to 10 people traveling from and to the terminal with a maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour. This will self-operate and go through a specific location with the assistance of Global Positioning System (GPS) and magnetic markers attach to it. During the said test, the bus was also guided by a safety driver just in case something inappropriate went wrong.

How these buses operate gives a positive impression to critics, and after the test, reactions coming from majority of the citizens were mostly good. However, there were people who are still highlighting the possible risk or danger that these driverless buses may bring. To ANA, that is why a test drive was conducted in order for them to check its accuracy and will respond accordingly if there are things which need improvement. After all, the safety of its people is still their first priority.

In an interview with Project Chief Tadakatsu Yamaguchi, he said that the Olympics is a much-awaited event this 2020, so Japan must be ready for the outpouring of people coming in and out of the country. It will aid the visitors by offering comfort and an easy transport. Aside from that, it will also be an opportunity for Japan to showcase its newest technological aspiration since the 2020 Games will be aired worldwide. Moreover, the firms did not disclose the cost of this project when asked by journalists. However, they are confident that money is not the main concern here as long as this experiment will improve Japan’s transport system during and after Olympics.

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